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Kids DIY Lava Lip Gloss and Natural Mineral Makeup Kit


Who doesn’t love to play scientist and explore their environment. This is a fun project that allows kids to explore the idea of oil and water. Do they mix? Why or why not? And after they’re done playing with oils and water they end up with a sparkly lip gloss and some beautiful new eyeshadows or lip shimmers.


-Encourage a love for science through play
-Create your own fun colors
-Great gift for all occasions
-Choose your own colors to mix
-Not available anywhere else
-For ages 6 and up. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

What Do You Get
-Three colors of your choice. Be sure to mention which ones you like as you check out
-Instructions on making your lip gloss 2 ways
-Instructions for making lip shimmer and eye shadow from the remaining colors.
-Test tubes with glycerin and rice bran oil
-An empty lava lip gloss tube
-3 empty makeup containers
-Makeup base
-Scoop and a stir stick

Choose 3 Color Options based on those pictured above:
Gold, Silver, Pinky Blue, Scarlett, Coral Reef, Sparkle Rose, Bishop’s Violet, Glitter Red, Cloisonne, Sparkle Rose, Aurora, Garnet, Red Basic, Calioppe, Cote D’Azur, Copper, Apricot, Bronze, or Honey. We have a lot of color options, so if you want us to blend you something specific just let us know.

We have tried to reflect the colors as accurately as possible, but every screen is different. Although the colors may not be exactly what you expect you will still have an amazing time making your own makeup.

All the ingredients are listed on the package and completely safe. They can be ingested, but we don’t recommend it. This is a natural, mineral makeup product with no synthetics or dyes.

The lip gloss container in the package will be empty unlike the container in the photo. That is the finished product.

Here you can see Moiya demonstrating how to use this DIY makeup box.She will lead you through everything you receive in your box and how to blend the lava lip gloss ingredients.

Lip Gloss contains: Rice Bran Oil and Glycerin.

Once you add your colors the lip gloss may contain: Titanium Dioxide (77891), Iron Oxides (77491), Copper (77400), Zinc (77947), Bronze (77400), Carmine (75470), Tin Oxide (778161), Silicon Dioxide (77811).

Eyeshadow/Lip Shimmer base contains: Mica, Talc*, and Zinc Stearate.

Once you add your colors eyeshadow may contain: Titanium Dioxide (77891), Iron Oxides (77491), Copper (77400), Zinc (77947), Bronze (77400), Carmine (75470), Tin Oxide (778161), Silicon Dioxide (77811).

*I do use talc. I have done a lot of research due to the concerns about talc causing cancer. To learn more here is a great article referencing some of the studies and hitting more of the sciency stuff:


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