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DIY Eye Shadow Making Kit-Create Your Own 4 Color Palette


A fun make your own eyeshadow kit with all the hard work done for you. Go for it! Create your own eyeshadow palette. This kit has everything you need to create a boutique quality product that you will love wearing as much as you love putting it together. It is even more fun if you include a friend in the process.


What are the benefits:
-Create your own fun colors
-Great gift for all occasions
-Choose your own colors to mix
-Not available anywhere else
-Fun for adults, tweens, teens and everybody in between
-Good for birthday parties, girl’s night out, and makeup addicts
-For ages 10 and up. Not suitable for children under 6 years of age.

What Do You Get:
-4 colors of your choice
-Pressing medium to make your eyeshadows hold together
-Instructions on making your eyeshadow 2 ways
-Eyeshdow base
-An empty 4 well palette (mention if you want a specific color: silver, purple, red or pink)
-4 eyeshadow tins
-Silicone mixing bowl
-Scoop and two wooden spatulas

Choose from 4 color schemes that have been preselected or you can create your own color combo if you feel a little more adventurous. I have over 100 pigments if you want something different just ask and I will put it together for you.

What is eyeshadow base and why does it matter? The base is really important to this whole process. Without the base all you have are pigments. If you just apply pigments to your skin they won’t stay put. They will migrate into your crease or they will fall off within a couple of hours (if not less). The eyeshadow base contains ingredients that help the pigment stick to your skin.

*I do use talc. I have done a lot of research due to the concerns about talc causing cancer. I read the studies the FDA has posted and I also asked many smart women about their opinions. The main concerns from talc are if you are a miner (someone who is taking talc from the earth) you should always wear the proper safety equipment or if you are applying it more than 10,000 times per year to your private parts. These are uses of talc you might need to be concerned about. To learn more here is a great article referencing some of the studies and hitting more of the sciency stuff:


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