I probably could have talked about this subject all day! Commercial companies don’t tend to use olive oil in their products for a couple of reasons; first it tends to be more expensive and second they are a little more challenging to use. But once I got a handle on all the ways olive oil extractives could be used there is no stopping me now! I have even started putting squalane and alkane c13-15 in my eyeshadows. It made a huge difference in the color payoff and makes the shadow even more long-lasting. It blows my mind that I can add a sustainably grown, skin beneficial ingredient and it makes the quality of my natural eyeshadow better not worse. For those who think natural can’t equal highly effective you might have to try some of these natural products. And since this video came out I have been playing with a new olive derived ingredient called NatraSil. It is an effort to replace synthetic silicones with a natural material. It is made from olive oil esters and olive oil unsaponifiables. I am loving it and having all kinds of luck with my formulations.