I am in love with Vitamin A. It has been something I have been incorporating into my cosmetics for years in the form of Rosehip and Cranberry oils, but now I can get a hold of retinol that is my new passion. It is the most beneficial ingredient you can add into your skincare routine. Right now! Whatever age you are and whatever form it takes. I talk about many of the names for retinol in this video and how I am using it. 

There are some side effects you can expect early on such as: dryness, acne and redness. This is due to your skin reorienting to more collagen and the need to produce more sebum. But as you continue using a retinoid product your skin will begin to glow, feel tighter, be more balanced, you should have less acne and less pigmentation. You can’t ask for more than that in an ingredient can you?!?

I hope you enjoy this video and be on the lookout (maybe sign up for the email list below, hint, hint…) to find out when my first retinol cream will be available.

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