I am too old. Everyday the voices say, “What are you thinking?” When I read the blogs, see the pictures, watch the runways, I hear them laughing at me for being so bold as to think I can start a makeup company at my age. I am too old to take pictures with the makeup on my face. I need younger faces, fresher faces, faces with no lines upon their skin, and faces that have not experienced the ravages of the world. I am too old to understand the trends and know what people want. My age makes me irrelevant. I am too old to understand how people buy now and where to meet my customers, “how can you possibly understand social media and context?” they say. Everyday the fear of being too old makes me think that age is the enemy.

And then I realize…those voices have no understanding. They do not know that those lines on my skin have come from laughing with family and friends, those lines upon my face know deep experience and those lines have come from the struggle of learning to do things that don’t come naturally to me. Things like using my words in writing to connect with the entire world. I do not need to look like I am 20 when I am not. I can’t stop the wheels of time, but I can enjoy every minute that goes by. I can be beautiful and relevant at any age. My voices are wrong because I AM NOT TOO OLD and I never will be. #Iamnottooold #mixcosmetiques

2 thoughts on “I Am Too Old

  1. Kathleen McGuire says:

    Hey Lanae,
    Wish you would come back to Seattle and teach the makeup class.

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