Jelly Eye Makeup vibrant colors from make your own workshop

Experience making the product most people have never heard of that will give you the dramatic pop you’re looking for with your eye makeup! This is one of the most fun concepts to come out of the Korean Makeup craze. Jelly Makeup is versatile, highly pigmented, incredibly good for your skin and long lasting. It applies like a gel, but sets like a powder, leaving behind a satin glow without the slip and slide typically associated with liquid and cream highlighters. It is based on hyaluronic acid technology which is a foundational amino acid your skin uses to protect your skin from environmental damage and moisture loss.

Choose from over 100 color options (I’ll help so it won’t be overwhelming) and make it as intensely pigmented as you want. Then I will show you several different ways to apply it so you can achieve the look you are going for. 

Each participant will go home with a large 10gr container of Jelly Eye Makeup or 2 smaller 5gr containers.

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