sugar scrub in a jar and spoon from Making event in Duluth

Get the glowing skin you’ve been looking for! Sugar based body scrub is a great way to prep your skin. Smooth, exfoliated skin is better for shaving, absorbs moisture better and is less prone to irritation. Making your own is fun and the perfect way to personalize the recipe for your skin.

Have you ever tried making a body scrub from a recipe you found on Pinterest only to have your bathtub turn into a dangerous oil slick? Why does it do that? How can you stop that from happening? It’s all about the magic of emulsification!

Make your own pampering sugar (or salt) scrub, while exploring the creation of emulsification. You will get to choose the base oils, color and essential oil scent to create a scrub all your own. All the ingredients you use in this workshop will be organic or wild-crafted.

Every participant will go home with 8-10 oz of their own new skin pampering creation and a recipe you will tweak and scent to create the perfect product.