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Workshops are cancelled for right now.

Have you ever wondered how your skincare is made? Have you ever wanted to try making your own? Whether it is makeup, skincare or your health supporting beverages making your own can be intimidating and overwhelming. There is a lot to know! This is where a mixologist comes in handy. Let me lead you through the process every Thursday and Friday between the hours of 11am-5pm. These are drop in workshops where I can help you create a new product each week and answer your questions in a fun and relaxed setting.

If you are interested in getting 3-10 friends together we can schedule a private workshop event. Just email me and we’ll find a date

You can find me teaching classes all over our Duluth. Here are some other places to look for my classes: Whole Foods Coop, Duluth Folk School, Duluth Public Library, and Community Ed