Stunning natural essential oils in clear bottles with corks from Made by you experience in Duluth

Choose an hour to create 2 of your own essential oil roller blends from a selection of over 100 organic and wildcrafted choices. Essential oil rollers are among the handiest things when it comes to quick and easy aromatherapy at home! They are a pre-diluted essential oils applicator that’s safe to use and can be customized to any ailment you need treated. You can easily make your own DIY essential oil roller bottles to suit YOUR preferences and needs.

Each participant will go home with two roller bottles of essential oil blends of their choice in the carrier oil they choose. Essential oils are very concentrated and can irritate the skin if not diluted, so we dilute it with organic carrier oils to the perfect concentration for use on your skin. We will also discuss the difference between a carrier oil and an essential oil during the process.