Do It Yourself facial mask mix surrounded by natural ingredients from DIY event in Duluth


Enjoy a day at the spa without leaving home! There isn’t much a good face mask can’t cure. They’re just as amazing at taking the stress out of a terrible day in the office as they are at banishing unsightly parched patches, minimizing pores, and zapping blemishes. Whatever skin concern you are battling, there is a mask for that. Let me lead you in the process of creating a mask that is perfect for your skin and makes you feel like royalty. 

Each participant will go home with a 4 oz face mask base that you will add to a liquid of choice to each time you use it. You’ll have product ready to relieve stress and tackle skin concerns at a moment’s notice, and skills to do it yourself at home when you run out! Some of the custom, natural ingredients you will be able to choose from are: 

  • Detoxing Clays
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Soothing Oatmeal
  • Healing Herbs
  • Age Fighting Essential Oils

Looking to upgrade your DIY at-home spa day? Check out our other workshops and learn to make more great products to pamper yourself. And watch the video below for a sneak peek into some of the ingredients you’ll learn about in the workshop.