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What I’m using in 2019

Now introducing my newest ingredients! What I’m playing with and what I’m interested in. I love trying new ingredients and creating new products. In this video I introduce you to Octyldodecanol, AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) & BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) Fruit Extract Acids, Polyhydroxystearic Acid from castor oil, Retinol and Vitamin C in the form […]

My Favorite Ingredient (Hint: it’s probably yours too, but for cooking not cosmetics)

I probably could have talked about this subject all day! Commercial companies don’t tend to use olive oil in their products for a couple of reasons; first it tends to be more expensive and second they are a little more challenging to use. But once I got a handle on all the ways olive oil […]

What is My Acid Mantle and What Does it Have to do With Healthy Winter Skin

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “The acid mantle is a very fine, slightly acidic film on the surface of human skin acting as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants that might penetrate the skin.[1] Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous gland and when mixed with sweat becomes the acid mantle. The pH of the skin is between 4.5 and 6.2, slightly acidic.[2][3] Since blood is slightly alkaline (7.4), pathogenic bacteria that become […]