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Makeup Bar: Making Foundation | Wednesday, April 30th 5:30-7:30


Make Your Own Mineral Foundation

Have you ever wondered…What ingredients are in my makeup? What is the purpose for all these ingredients? Where can I buy the supplies to make my own makeup? How do I get the right match for my skin? How long will it last? Is makeup bad for my skin?

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At my shop 15 N 3rd Ave W. in downtown Duluth.

What is more fun than knowing how to make something you use every day? I don’t know! So how about joining me for chance to explore this foundational (pun intended) product. Find answers to all your pressing makeup questions (and more if you’ve got’em). You will go home with a container of foundation created by you, but it is really hard to create a good foundation the first time you try. So you will also make a container of foundation with my base and your perfect color grind (boutique quality makeup).

This is a project that pairs well with a friend and a glass of wine. I’ll provide a basic red and white wine, but I can’t provide that friend so be sure to ask one of yours to join. If you have a wine you’d like to share with the group feel free to invite it along too.

It this is a date that doesn’t work for you or you have a group of 3 or more that would like to schedule a private event feel free to email me at


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